Separation efficiency of different methods to treatment of a low-grade iron ore

Düşük tenörlü demir cevherinin zenginleştirilmesinde farklı metodların ayırma verimliliği


Separation Efficiency Grade, Recovery, Magnetic Separation, Gravity Concentration

In the present study, characterization and beneficiation tests were performed on an iron ore sample to the evaluation of separation efficiency (SE) of different methods. Results showed that the decrease in feed size fraction increases the SE irrespective of the beneficiation method. It was determined from the liberation analyses that the increase in SE values ​​at finer size fractions is related to higher liberation. Calculated SE values revealed that operational parameters significantly affect the SE of all methods and the net forces acting on particles play an important role on SE of different size fractions. Mean SE of different size fractions showed that separation efficiencies of gravity concentration and magnetic separation take similar values above 1 mm, however, SE of magnetic separation is significantly higher than gravity concentration below 1 mm for the studied sample. For low-grade ores, it is very crucial to develop a flow sheet to achieve the optimum grade and recovery while decreasing the cost likely by using the optimum method. Therefore, SE calculations used in this research can be used as a basic method to compare the efficiency of different beneficiation methods. SE method has advantages because they are fast methods for the efficiency evaluation by using experimental results.

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