Geothermal power corridor-connecting the Middle East Countries

Orta Doğu Ülkelerini birbirine bağlayan Jeotermal Enerji Koridoru


Geothermal Energy, Food-Water-Energy Security, Sustainable Development, EGS. ABSTRACT


The Middle East economy and life depend on imports, be it food, water, or energy, despite each country in the region having enormous energy resources to exploit and reduce dependency on countries outside the region and develop a socioeconomic model of regional cooperation and synergy. An estimated 371 TWh of electricity available from geothermal energy resources can be utilized by these countries to support basic needs and be free from food-energy-water imports by sharing their energy resources. The total amount of CO2 emissions from these countries is currently 945 x 106 kg, so these countries can further earn about 92 million euros from carbon savings, by using geothermal energy along this corridor. This amount can be utilized for augmenting the energy supply from geothermal sources. In this work, the available geothermal resources are evaluated, and suggestions are made how this energy can be best utilized for peaceful existence and cooperation in the region.

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