Determination of alteration zones applying fractal modeling and Spectral Feature Fitting (SFF) method in Saryazd porphyry copper system, central Iran

Orta İran Saryazd porfiri bakır sisteminde fraktal modelleme ve Spektral Özellik Eşlemesi (SFF) yöntemi uygulanarak alterasyon bölgelerinin belirlenmesi

Behzad BEHBAHANI, Hamid HARATI, Peyman AFZAL, Mohammad LOTFI

Alteration, Spectral Feature Fitting (SFF) Method, Concentration- Area Fractal Model, Saryazd Porphyry System


The target of this research is recognition of the alteration zones utilizing concentration-area fractal methodology according to the reflection of the main minerals of each alteration zone that enhanced by Spectral Feature Fitting (SFF) Method due to Advanced Space-borne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) satellite images in Saryazd porphyry system, central Iran. The alterations and mineralization are developed in Eocene volcanics. Remote sensing results achieved by the SFF method and Concentration-Area (C-A) fractal modeling represent different parts of propylitic, argillic and phyllic alteration zones due to their intensity and pixel values. In addition, the results reveal that there is a ring-shaped structure in the alteration zones, which are correlated with results, derived from X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) analyses and field observations.

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