Geology of the Kurucaşile - Cide region, NW Türkiye

Kurucaşile - Cide dolayının jeolojisi, KB Türkiye


İstanbul Zone, Western Black Sea Basin, Ulus Basin, Cide-Kurucaşile, Stratigraphy.


The lowest unit of the Cide-Kurucaşile region is the Carboniferous coal-bearing terrestrial sediments. Permian aged terrestrial Çakraz Formation and the Triassic lacustrine Çakrazboz Formation unconformably overlie the Palaeozoic sequence. Dogger-aged Himmetpaşa Formation represents a short-period marine invasion. The transgression started in the Kimmerician has led to the development of a carbonate platform, which has risen and demised after the Berriasian. A second carbonate platform, much more limited than the previous one, developed in the Late Barremian, and then the whole region deepened. The Cenomanian is a period of regional uplift and erosion. The first effective volcanic activity in the region started in the Middle Turonian. During this period, Extensional faults coeval with the deposition, and the region gained an irregular topography. In the Middle-Late Santonian, the volcanism became silent for a while, the region rapidly subsided and became a completely deep marine environment. These events indicate that the continental crust of the region was broken up and the oceanic crust began to develop in the Western Black Sea back-arc basin. In the Campanian, the volcanism reactivated, but ceased after a short time, leaving its place to pelagic sediments forming the southern passive continental margin deposits of the Black Sea. In the Maastrichtian, the region was tectonically compressed and uplifted and provided turbiditic material to the Black Sea in the north and the Devrek Basin in the south. Siliciclastic turbidites have been deposited in the region until the Middle Eocene. At the end of the Middle Eocene, following the uplifting of the entire region and the destruction of marine environments, the north-vergent thrusts were developed due to intense compression and the region became a fold-thrust belt.

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