Production of rare-earth oxides from Eskişehir-Beylikova complex ores

Eskişehir-Beylikova kompleks cevherinden nadir toprak oksitlerinin üretimi

Haydar GÜNEŞ, Hüseyin Eren OBUZ, Hasan AKÇAY, Çiğdem KARA, Ayşe ERDEM

Rare Earth Elements, Roasting, Leaching, Solvent extraction, Precipitation


In this study, the production technology of barite, fluorite, rare-earth elements, and thorium-bearing rare-earth oxides from the Eskişehir-Beylikova were investigated, and the processes that can be used in the production of thorium-free mixed rare earth oxides were tested. The applied processes are roasting, leaching, solvent extraction and precipitation methods, respectively. After all studies, the optimum roasting temperature and roasting duration are determined as 600 °C and 1 hour. In the extraction stage, the highest leaching efficiency is achieved with 5 M HCl, 1-hour leaching duration, 1/3 solid/liquid ratio and 35 °C leaching temperature. While methyl tri C8-C10 ammonium chloride (Adogen 464) is used for the removal of iron from produced solution, di-(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) is used for the removal of thorium. As a result of solvent extraction studies, the solution containing rare earth elements is precipitated under optimum conditions. After precipitation, the product contains 99.65% rare earth oxides.


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