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Physical modeling the formation of roof collapse zones in Vorkuta coal mines
Title: Physical modeling the formation of roof collapse zones in Vorkuta coal mines
Authors: Stanislav KOVSHOV, Boris ZUEV, Ruslan ISTOMN, Vyacheslav KTSS
Keywords: coal mining,roof collapse,physical modeling

Collapse of the roof during mining is a constant threat to the lives of miners and equipment performance. To predict it, different numerical and physical approaches are used. Physical modeling of the massif region from -951 m to -841 m using equivalent materials were undertaken in this investigation. Various options for mining the Vorkuta coal deposit were considered: mining only the upper industrial seam, mining the lower coal seam as a protective layer to the upper one, and assessing the impact on the collapse zone of the complex structure of the upper coal seam roof while maintaining an upward order of mining. The main results were as follows: calculated collapse zone is approximately 30% larger than theoretical; collapse zone decreased when using mining with lower protective coal seam; the largest collapse zone was observed when pinching the rocks in upward mining order. Therefore, the research has shown the need to adjust the project for a larger methane yield. Further large-scale modeling is needed for understanding the characteristics of the collapse zone.


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